Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dr. Schultz Visit

After our nice visit from Dr. Schultz today, the teams went back to work following up on what they were doing on Tuesday and making plans for what should be in by Friday. The art/graphics team is selecting an asset gathering crew who will be venturing forth to the San Jacinto campus to continue looking for valuable photos to help tell the MSJC story. Other people will begin working on storyboarding the script-it will be cool to see their first efforts on Friday. The video team went to work with the green screens which we plan to use for the interviews coming up--we should be able to do a test interview as quick as next week. They also continued work on the logistics of the ribbon cutting shoot on Sept 14th--don't forget to save the date and come be one of our wildly cheering crowd that day! Our audio team is also busy selecting the best options for recording the interviews and the ribbon cutting ceremony. The lighting team is turning to the school pro's on all things electrical so we will have plenty of power for both the outdoor event and the interviews. Friday evening you may see them out by the new 400 building getting a feel for the actual working conditions they will face on the 14th. Our post-production team is just itching to get their hands on stuff, so instead of just sitting around waiting, they have started to check out the different editing programs available for their use and are also pitching in with the other teams wherever they can. Research is also still hard at work. We will finish gathering the alumni list to be used in the first part of the film, we are going to get a better idea of the length of the script so we can begin adjusting as needed for time, and we are working to have a refined/revised version of the entire script by September 11th. It was another busy day--I hope I got everything covered here!

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  1. Great motivation from the president coming to the class and motivating students